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Ques:- Can I use the website without making an account on the website?

Ans:- Yes, you can use the website even without making an account but the access to the functions of the website will be limited. There are certain features of the website such as writing a review, shortlisting of a product, adding a boutique to the wishlist etc. that one can use only after making an account.

Ques:- Will Crostitch post on my wall if I sign up through facebook?

Ans:- No, Crostitch will not post anything on your wall. Signup through Facebook is given to make the process of making an account on our website easier. We have provided it as a shortcut. We will never post anything on your wall.

Ques:- How can we be sure that the products shown in the profile will be available in the store mentioned?

Ans:- The power to upload the products is in the hands of the stores. We cannot guarantee the availability of the products. However, we have provided an option of last updated on the collections. That might give you an idea on how recent the collection is.

Ques:- I want to register my store. What is the procedure?

Ans:- There is a tab of Register Your Store on the main page. Click on the tab and fill the form for your store. After the filling up of the form, within 48 hours, someone from our organization will come to your store to physically verify your request. Once the verification is completed, your account will be made on crostitch.

Ques:- Does crostitch have a mobile app?

Ans:- Yes, Crostitch is coming up with mobile app on all the platforms by the end of this October to make your shopping experience more informed.

Ques:- I want to get associated with your venture. Are there any openings?

Ans: There are always openings for passionate people. Please checkout our career page to be informed about the opportunities with our venture.

Ques:- Is there any difference in the boutiques that do couture work and boutiques that do not?

Ans:- Yes, we have created a difference between the two kinds of boutiques. Boutiques that do couture will have couture mentioned in their profile and those who do not will have prĂȘt written on their profile. You can also filter your search based on the same.

Ques:- Can I buy the products of boutiques and designers on your website?

Ans:- No. Crostitch is a search engine based website for you to find boutiques and designers. It is not an e- commerce website.

Ques:- What is next for crostitch?

Ans:- Crostitch is made with the objective of making shopping experience more informed for everyone. So crostitch will expand as wide as possible to serve it objective to the mass.